Accidental Life and Casualty Insurance Company

741 Commercial Parkway  Ste 101

Chadwick City, New York     10017


Personal Injury Claims Department

Attn: James Snodgrass


Dear Sir:


In response to your request for further information as to the circumstances regarding my worker compensation claim dated March 20 2001, please let me explain in further detail.


       As noted in block 7 of my claim form, I am a bricklayer by trade.  On March 20, 2001,  as noted in block 11, I, had just finished the last course of bricks at the top of the six story building, located at 7400 North Nottingham, (note block 22 of the claim form).  I was working alone, as noted in block 73.


       After laying the last brick, I had approximately 500 pounds of bricks and dry mortar left over. Our contract required that we finish that day, including hauling off the debris. Since it was late in the day, and I was quite tired, I needed an expedient method to get the 500 pounds of bricks and mortar to ground level.  I had no wheelbarrow, but I did have a large barrel and a some rope, and a pulley.


       I fastened the pulley to the top of the building, passed a rope through the pulley and attached it to the barrel.  Then, after securing the rope at ground level, I loaded the bricks into the barrel, and swung the barrel out over the side of the building.


       I then returned to ground level, and, taking a firm grip on the rope, I untied it from the stake.  I now refer you to my weight of 160 pounds, in block 6 of  the claim form.  Please also note the weight of the bricks, 500 pounds, and the weight of the barrel, approximately 50#.


       To my surprise, I began a rapid ascent up the side of the building. This explains the torn ligaments in the elbow, as well as the dislocated shoulder in blocks 87 and 88.   I had barely begun to realize what had happened, when, at about the third floor, I met the barrel, which was making an equally rapid descent. This explains the fractured skull, broken collar bone, broken wrist, and compressed vertebrae in blocks 89-92.  Despite my great pain,  I was able to keep my grip on the rope, until I was pulled knuckle deep into the pulley, which accounts for the broken fingers and the other broken wrist, (blocks 93-94).  At this time, the barrel hit the ground, and the bottom broke out, spilling the contents. I now refer you again to my weight in block 6, and call your attention to the weight of the barrel, being approximately 50#. 


       With the rope still grasped in my hands, I began a rapid decent down the side of the building.  At about the third floor, I again met the barrel, which was rapidly ascending.  This would account for the broken legs, fractured pelvis, and compression of the lower spine.


       I continued my descent down the side of the building, landing with great force.  This accounts for the internal injuries, broken ribs, multiple lacerations about the face and neck, as well as the second skull fracture.  As I was lying, in great pain, on the ground, I temporarily lost my presence of mind, and I LET GO OF THE ROPE!!


       While I cannot confirm what happened next, I am certain that the remainder if my injuries can be confirmed by those among the crowd which had begun to gather as I lost consciousness.  I trust that I have now answered any questions you may have as to the extent of my injuries.



                            Respectfully yours,

                                        James P. Goodbody

                                        Claim # 51423869346172