The Townspeople of Cogarville
........Stories fer readin' out loud
Goste Riter
   Hello, There.

   I am your goste riter........Excuse me, I mean ghost writer.   I've been hangin' around ole' Buster Hizsef  too long.

   Now, what a ghost writer does, I as best as i can figure out, is to listen to someone tell a story, then try  to put the story down in words.  Other people can then read these words, and put the story back together again in their own heads, just like it was told.

   Well, now that's all fine and dandy, as a rule.  But now, being the OhFishEweAll (as he might spell it) ghost writer for Buster Hizsef I am learning to overcome challenges that I never even knew existed.   In the first place, just trying to figure out what it was he said is a challenge, all alone, not to mention trying to figure out what it was he was saying.  He offered to write some of this stuff down himself, but having read some of his Barnstomp Invitements, I had to respectfully decline.   Unfortunately, I have been around Buster so long, I fear I may be beginning to type a lot like he talks.   

   Now, apparently, one of the first qualifications for being a successful ghost writer, is, well, to be a ghost, which I evidently am.  To tell the truth, I think the ghost writer thing is mostly leaning toward being about the ghost, and not so much about being the writer. No one ever sees or hears me except Ol' Buster, and, of course, the readers of these writings. 



(Work in Progress)