We're still working on Skruffie's page
    Skruffie Sue Lewis .....  Aka Skridge Girl...... She has an untrimmed beard - and everything else - and, since she can't keep her furry nose out of things, she gets burrs and stickers in her beard, and we always say "Skruffles has skridges"  I wonder if she knows she is responsible for the invention of a word?  and a new occupation...skridge gitter....... She also answers to Skruff, Guppy Girl, Gups, and Duppie Doo.

    Skruffie showed up here after a BarnStomp  one year, and instead of handing her a beer, like everyone else, we tried to shoo her off.  She was still here a day or two later, so we felt really bad, and took her some food and water.  ( this was before we had a yard fence) Thinking that she must belong to a neighbor,  I hauled her  a couple miles away, down by their house, and dropped her off, then went to do some work. She was pretty thin and was pretty dehydrated when she showed up and we thought that if she came back, she could stay. She did, and she has.  She beat me home! To this day, when she gets a treat, she never fails, regardless of who gave it to her, to come by and thank each of us with a kiss! 

    She got chewed up pretty badly by coyotes one time, and that is when we got the yard fence.  As hurt as she was, I was afraid to even touch her, but when I did, all she did was whimper to let me know it hurt.  We got her sewn up, and doctored her for a couple of months. She reeked of rotting skin and flesh,  but  she is family, and we made her as comfortable as we could,  Today, she is just fine, and spoiled rotten.  We sometimes call her Skruffilocks, because she sleeps in whatever room strikes her fancy.