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Ssalie:   Ssalie ..... That's Lassie, sideways....sort-of.......
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Ssalie was around before we had a digital, or even a computer, so we will have to scan more of her photos Don't let these few number of pictures fool you, There will never be another Ssalie, she is the reason why we learned to love dogs so much! We will never forget her.
Shilo - Ssalie's Husband

Shilo's Golden Fleece ..... "The Shy Dawg"


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Brayanndie Lynn Lewis....Daughter of Ssalie and Shilo

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SampSon - Ssalie's Friend
Buster's Brownknie......Son of Ssalie and Shilo

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Sam, The Dawg....STD......The gentle Giant

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Old Yeller Jake....JTD...Yeeks!....It's Yake!!

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Skruffie Sue .... Skridge Girl....One tough little dawg......

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Minnie Louise Lewis....Minnie Lou...Mi-Mi.......

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Groups and Other Dawgs:  
Groups plus K.C. Ray (Casey)  Bullie  and Ribsie  

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There's lots more on the way, I have a whole bunch more to scan and sort!. and bio's to write!