01) Star Spangled Banner02)  Honey, I'm Home03)  Breathe04)  Hero05)  A Penny For Your Thoughts06)  Commitment07)  Crazy08)  Someone Like You09)  Until You Love Me10)  Why Haven't I Heard From You?11)  Hold On12)  I Do Love You13)  I Fall To Pieces14)  My Love, My Valentine15)  The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia16)  The Right Kind Of Wrong17)  Take It Back18)  One Moment in Time19)  Never Seen Him Fly20)  You Were Mine

Anji Antonelli           Essence of Barnstomp  Disc 2

The Yalla Rose of Nebrasker
   A.Rose...By any other name would be Anji!  This is one talented hillbilly!  She plays an instrument or a few, and she has a wonderful singing voice.  Anji is a big part of what makes Barnstomp worth while.....She is a true performer!   Of course, we all love it when she is around to help with our tracks, too.  Her backup vocals are   Great on Essence of Barnstomp 1,(and everything else).  We here at the Hillbilly Workshop are always glad to have her around, because she represents  the     Essence of Barnstomp
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