The town of Cogarvill is home to at least one place, besides the Hillbilly Workshop, where people tend to gather for the purpose of taking in a little refreshment.  The Ewetopia Bar and Grill is a social hot spot during the week, while the folks from the Hillbilly Workshop are doing their darndest to hold on to their day jobs. 

     The place is pretty nice, as far as things go around Cogarville.  It seems like there is always a funny smell in the place, though nobody seems to mind, because even people who go in there grouchy always seem to come out laughin' and jokin', lovin their neighbors, and all.

     The food ain't none too good, but it's edible and reasonably cheap, so it comes as no surprise that the place seems to be makin an awful lot of money. Somethin' about the atmosphere in the place seems to help people work up a pretty good appetite.  Sheriff Deppity and the Deputy Sheriff eat there all the time, what with bein' single and all, and 'Ol Taster never lets either one of them pay.  That's on account of the proprietor bein' such a man about the community and all, giving his part, you know.  The local law seems to appreciate the gesture, and they hardly ever give anybody a ticket after visiting Ewetopia.  They just kinda sit around in their cars, listening to CoGaR and Company music, smilin' and wavin' at people for hours.

     The place is run by a fella we call "Taster", even though his real name is Charlie Goldbud.  He was once a big city police captain, and he is married to some of the Marshall clan.  His still has a lot of friends on the force, but ever since he opened the bar, he seems to not like being called "Captain Goldbud".

     Ol' Taster got his nickname on account of before he got to be a big city cop, he was once the president of the Hill County Wine Taster's Club.  He had a pretty good knack for it, and he regularly keeps his palate in practice, by sampling a little bit (well, maybe a lot) of alcohol related products.

    People always seem to want to give him free samples.  They don't mind at all, because everyone always seems to have a good time when he's around, even though he's always smoking these hand rolled cigarettes like they're going out of style.  All the boys in the local  Shiner's Club regularly bring him samples down at the Ewetopia Bar and Grill and he returns the favor by sendin' them home with sacks of the basic necessities.  Of course, if Sheriff Deppity and the Deputy Sheriff happen to be around, them boys is always real cordial, and they have lunch together, after which there seems to be a tendancy to fire up the grill, followed by a period of unusually low numbers of tickets being written by Sheriff Marshall Deppity or Sheriff Deppity's Deputy Sherrif, Deputy Sheriff Sheriff Marshall.


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