Ssalie Ann was the sweetest Baby Girl there ever was.

She made a huge impact on us.  Given to us by a Hillbilly, (Rick), I was often so busy thinking about how smart she was, I sometimes forgot how beautiful she was.


Ssalie's    Son, Brownknie
Ssalie's Daughter    Brayanndie
Ssalie, ( That's Lassie spelled sideways, sort of.) was reportedly worth $0
Welcome to Ssalie's Page!
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     There she is....! Miss Puppy America!  Da..dd..y's Gir..l!

    We sang this little diddy just about every day for over 15 years......There is just so much to say about Ssalie Ann Lewis, who was the smartest dog I ever personally knew.............

    To tell the truth. I had no intention of getting a dog, I was too busy trying to start a business..... I got tricked by my recent bride!  We went to Church for the first time in a long time, and, since we were in the neighborhood, she thought we might as well go look at Rick's puppies, just for the fun of it.............Yea, right......She had already seen them..........   

    Now, if one was to get a dog, he should get a big, manly dog, to help protect the place, and fetch balls, and play Frisbee, and such......

    Well, of course we left with the skinny little runt, and a girl, at that.  But she was just so cute, Rick's girls had nicknamed her "cute face".  I had known people who had big, manly dogs, and kept them in the back yard, fed them once a day, and that was about the extent of the relationship.  I  had made a rule that, if we ever got a dog, it would be a house dog, so that we could bond with it, and have it as part of the family.    I had no idea................



Much more to come about Ssalie