CoGaR & Company Essence of Barnstomp  Disc 1




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01)  Barnstomp Boogie (BS_03)02)  Beer Run (BS_03)03)  Family Tradition (BS_03)04)  Hello, Sandra Ruth (BS_03)05)  Midnight Special (BS_03)06)  Already Gone (BS_03) 07)  I'm a Believer (BS_03)08)  I Like Beer (BS_03)09)  Ding-a-Ling (BS_03)10)  Long Haired Country Boy (BS_03)11)  Lukenbach, Texas (BS_03)12)  Today I Started Loving You Again (BS_03)13)  Before The Next Teardrop Falls (BS_03)14)  Your Cheatin'Heart (HW_01)15)  Turn The Page (BS_03)16)  Barbara Ann (HW_01)17)  Knockin' onHeaven's Door (BS_03)18)  Okie From Muskogie (HW_01)19)  Kiss an Angel Good Morning (BS_03)20)  Kawliga (Chet & Ruben_02)21)  Barnstomp Jam  (BS_03)
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     These tracks were chosen, not necessarily because they were the best we ever did them, but because of the fun we had in making them.  Many of these songs were the first time we did them together, and best represent the

 Essence of Barnstomp

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....The Essence of Barnstomp....ItS not about high quality recordings, or state of the art equipment.....It's about family and friends getting together and making a joyful, (if drunken), noise.